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E.T.M Rodent Service

Sono-Marin Pest Solutions Exclude Trap Management service for rodents is offered to residential and commercial properties year-round on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 

This service begins with an inspection of the structure and property by one of our licensed technicians. The inspection will help determine problem areas, repairs that may be needed on the structure, and assist with preventative measures. 

After the completion of the inspection, our technician will be able to coordinate a plan that best suites the property to exclude rodents from the structure and minimize activity. If repairs are needed, our company will provide a quote for the repairs. 

Utilizing our company’s E.T.M service will allow us to provide a guarantee on all repair work completed on the structure by our company. 

By monitoring the property and structure regular maintenance plan, our licensed technicians will assist in the reduction of conducive conditions that may allow future rodent re-entry to the structure. 

To ensure the structure is free of rodents our technicians utilize mechanical methods (Trapping). Adopting up to date mechanical practices helps reduce posed threats on the environment concerning rodent poisons (A.K.A Rodenticides) These poisons often cause more issues than they solve and may cause more costly damage. Our company does not believe in the use of rodenticides (Poison) for rodent control methods. The use of rodenticides increases the chances of rodents dying in unreachable areas within the structure also causing costly structural damages, carcass removals, and insect infestations. Occasionally licensed contractors may even need be involved in carcass removal and structural repairs due to the unreachable work areas revolving around this matter. Risks of unintentional exposure to off target animals may also occur as well as pesticide persistence in the environment. Rodent baits are misleading and often times cause more problems than they solve and simply do not eliminate the source of rodent problems. The State of California is also working towards banning these harmful rodenticides under Bill AB-1788  in order to reduce potential risks to wildlife and the environment. 

Placement of mechanical traps within the structure and around the perimeter in specific areas will also help prevent rodent infestations. Having traps set within the structure will help identify issues and let our technician prevent larger rodent problems from occurring. Our technician will check all traps, replace or move equipment as necessary, inspect the property, and complete minor repairs as needed. Our exterior traps will be in tamper resistant stations designed to prevent harm of non target animals such as; Birds, squirrels, skunks, raccoons,  cats, and dogs. 

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Our Technician Will Be Able To:

  • Inspect the structure for rodent access points regularly.
  • Complete additional repairs on the structure for rodent exclusion.
  • Set and check interior/exterior traps as needed.
  • Monitor the property and make recommendations to help prevent future occurrences.
  • Implement a strategic plan as any new issues arise on the property before it becomes a larger problem.

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