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Pest issues can become quite a nuisance when your job is to help assist tenants and homeowners with other issues. Managing properties and homes can be a handful and the last thing you want on your mind is a pest problem or worried tenants. 

When left unattended pest issues may become larger and cause even more concern. In some cases pests have the potential to spread from one property to another and may even cause damage to structures or personal property. Whether it be one structure or a neighborhood with a pest issue, Sono-Marin Pest Solutions has the experience to resolve and prevent pest problems all year round. 

Utilizing our companies customizable maintenance plans allows our licensed technicians to inspect and identify pest issues at the source while implementing a unique plan for riddance of your pest problems. By identifying issues before they arise, our strategic treatment plans will prevent infestations before they occur. 

Sono-Marin Pest Solutions team are leaders in integrated pest management services (I.P.M) reducing the use of pesticides while eliminating pests effectively. Our company also offers a wide range of treatment plans including eco friendly products consisting of botanical essential oils. Our company believes in safe pest control methods in regards to the use of pesticides in the environment and the public concerns relating to the industry. These products are highly effective for most pests and allow us to remain environmentally conscious while solving many different pest problems.   

Our team also specializes in rodent inspections and will perform high quality services including structural repairs and trapping methods to gain control and prevent rodent infestations. 

Sono-Marin Pest Solutions is dedicated to our customers and their pest problems. Striving to find the best plan of action for each issue for a high quality service and to resolve our customers pest issue effectively in a safe manor. Contact our team today to begin a consultation and leave your properties pest problems with us! 

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