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Rodent Inspections

The first step in assessing rodent issues is the completion of an inspection by one of our trained licensed technicians. The completion of a rodent inspection will help identify many factors including: 

  1. Rodent entry points in and around the structure.
  2. Repairs of the structure that are necessary for riddance of rodents in the structure.
  3. Species of rodent that is inhabiting the structure.
  4. Conducive conditions that may be attracting rodents to and around structures.


Upon completion of the initial inspection, our technician will be able to provide further details on a plan that best suits the current situation including further repairs that will be necessary in the prevention of rodents entering the structure. An inspection graph with the recommended work will be provided which will entail details regarding; structural repairs, material and labor costs. Our company can address these repairs on the structures utilizing quality materials and proper industry methods. On special and rare occasions, a licensed contractor may need to be contacted for additional repairs, which we can assist in the matter and provide further detailed information. 

Structural Repairs

Repairs recommended after the initial rodent inspection play a huge role in preventative measures. Without completion of recommended repair work, rodents can regain access to the structure and the trapping process will be minimally effective. Sealing off entry points will control the problem at the source and will vastly reduce the risk of rodent re-entry. Rats can chew through lead, cinder block, brick, mortar, aluminum, wood, glass, vinyl and improperly cured concrete. Rats can fit through holes approximately the diameter of a quarter, while mice can fit through dime sized holes (Sometimes even smaller.) Keep in mind that sealing these pests out can be a difficult process with complexity. As a company we recommend annual inspections, due to the fact that rodents often times create new entry points around structures and can regain access. Rodents are very smart, innovative, and will adapt constantly with the environment. Our repair methods are unique qualities that require special attention to detail, which all of our technicians are continuously trained and educated on.

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